Cable car would threaten unique geology of Malvern Hills

Moira Jenkins sent a letter to the Malvern Gazette, voicing her concerns with respect to Malvern For All’s proposal to install a cable car on the Malvern Hills. That letter can be found here:

The letter demonstrates that there is a further reason to protect this area against commercial development, namely, its unique geology. The particular section of the hills described in the letter can be seen in this photograph, taken by John Payne (with thanks). To the uneducated, it is an uninteresting slope, which would not have us reaching for our cameras, even in the age of digital photography. However, for those with a keen eye for geological features, the section of scree captured in this picture is something to get pulses racing. The scree is a relic of the Ice Age climate and it is quite delicate. It would be badly damaged by the pylons needed to support a cable car. This emphasises the need for Voice, and others, to promote the special nature of the Malvern Hills and to help educate those of us who would not give a scree more than a second glance, were we even to notice one in the first place.



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