Understanding the Malvern Hills

One of David Attenborough’s well known quotes came to mind today at the Members’ Meeting of Voice of the Malvern Hills: “If people lose knowledge, sympathy and understanding of the natural world, they’re going to mistreat it and will not ask their politicians to care for it.”

This is one of the reasons why Voice has been working hard over the Summer months in order to bring together a host of expert speakers for a one day conference at Malvern Cube on 1st November 2015 ( 2015 conference programme). As can be seen from the list of talks and speakers, the Voice conference is set to stimulate and excite its delegates. We hope that the range of talks, and expert speakers, from the Malvern Conservators, the Herefordshire Council Archaeology Service, the Earth Heritage Trust, and beyond, will provide those attending the event with a greater sympathy for and knowledge and understanding of the Malvern Hills.

We hope that this knowledge, sympathy and understanding will galvanise more people into taking action to care for, conserve and communicate about the incredible landscape of the Malvern Hills. Let us ensure that when neccessary, the Malvern Conservators and Councillors for Malvern Hills and Worcestershire, hear our voices loud and clear. Furthermore, may talks, such as those to be given at the forthcoming conference, ensure that we pass on that sympathy, knowledge and understanding to others so that they can also cherish this stunning part of the British countryside instead of mistreating it.

Tickets for the conference can be purchased from Malvern Cube and the Malvern Conservators.


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