Time To Vote With Your Feet

2015 Sept 27 walk poster

This is the poster for our forthcoming walk, to protest against the proposal by Malvern For All Ltd to build a cable car, and associated buildings, on the Worcestershire Beacon. The image on the poster was drawn by local artist, Roy Jones, on behalf of Voice of the Malvern Hills. The original drawing by Roy is a simple sketch and has greater artistic merit than this colour version. Modern technology could not do justice to Roy’s sketch so that what you see here is Fresh Paint’s rendering of an original line drawing.

As can be seen, the image depicts a family group, taking a rest beside the toposcope, while enjoying the stunning views from the Worcestershire Beacon.  The image encapsulates the simple pleasure that can be had by taking a walk in the Malvern Hills and of the reward, when reaching the summit of the Beacon, of an incredible uninterrupted panoramic view. No hoards of tourists trampling the already fragile undergrowth are to be seen. The family has the toposcope entirely to itself. No artistic licence was needed in that respect. That is one of the great things about walking in the Malvern Hills. You will normally encounter other walkers, some joggers, plenty of dogs, maybe even some sheep. But on many occasions you can have the summit of the highest point in Worcestershire entirely to yourself.

Please see our campaigns page for further information about our campaign to stop Malvern For All Ltd building a cable car on the Worcestershire Beacon.


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