How did that scooter get up there?


On Sunday 27th September, 50 members of ‘Voice’ walked to the top of Worcestershire Beacon to demonstrate their opposition to the cable car. It was a good occasion for sharing ideas and meeting other members and the weather was fantastic. For part of the way the Chair walked with Ann, who told him that this was the first time in her life that she had taken part in a demonstration. Ann feels that opposing the cable car is such an important issue that she had to join Voice’s protest walk.  Another person on the walk was Moira, who is concerned about the damage that would be done to the fragile scree in Rushy valley, a rare remnant of the ice age. Some of those who walked up from the Wyche car park held high a banner, with the message “Hands off our hills”. Those who passed by and read the banner told us that they agreed with the message and that they were also opposed to the cable car.

People of all ages took part in the event and walking sticks were much in evidence. However, it is abundantly clear that virtually anyone can reach the Beacon because there is a wide tarmac path to the top from the Wyche car park. Anna Silver, Secretary of ‘Voice’, was delighted to reach the summit on her everyday disability scooter. “It angers me that Malvern for All Ltd are trying to use disability as their excuse for a cable car. Look at me in the photo. I was not taken up by helicopter!”


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