Voice Conference Returns to Malvern Cube

Voice of the Malvern Hills is delighted to be hosting a second conference on “Understanding the Malvern Hills”, after hosting such a successful event last year. At our Spring AGM we agreed to focus on our second aim this year, which is “… to promote an understanding of the natural landscape, archaeology, flora and fauna of the hills.” Our second conference promises to deliver the goods, with an excellent line up of speakers and talks.  There will be two talks on the geology of the Hills, which is a very popular subject here in Malvern. This is largely thanks to Richard Edwards, who has been delivering geology lectures to over 100 U3A students for the last 10 years. We are delighted that there will be another talk by an archaeologist at this year’s conference too. This year, Jane Evans, who currently works for the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, will be delivering a lecture on the iron age and Roman pottery production in the Malvern area.


Voice is particulaly pleased that Pamela Hurle has agreed to speak at the conference. Pamela Hurle is a very popular and well known speaker in the Malvern area. Pamela is extremely well placed to talk about the history of conservation on the hills as she is the author of the text “Malvern Hills: A Hundred Years of Conservation”(available to purchase on Amazon). Pamela is meticulous in her research and has become highly respected as a local historian. Pamela will be bringing a selection of her many books to the conference, which will be available for purchase on the day.

Finally, Voice is very pleased to be hosting a lecture on the birdlife of the Malvern Hills. At last year’s conference the attendees were extremely impressed by the talk on the flora of the Malvern Hills given by Peter Garner.  A number of Voice members asked whether we could find someone to talk about the birdlife at this year’s conference. Fortunately, Mick Colquhoun, the County Recorder for birds in Herefordshire, agreed to come and talk at this year’s conference, at the request of Voice. We know that there are quite a number of Voice members who will be attending the conference in order to learn more about this subject from Mick. We hope that we will see you there too! See Voice Conference 2016 .


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