Herefordshire Rocks!

bookcover Herefordshiregeology


 Edited by John Payne, Logaston Press 2017, rrp. £15.00.

This is a splendid account of the geology and landscape of Herefordshire and amazingly, the first all-embracing account of the geology of the county ever to appear in print!

The authors are all members of the Hereford-based Woolhope Club, which was founded in early years of the 19th century. They are to be congratulated on writing in a style which makes a complex subject accessible to the general reader. A comprehensive glossary helps to explain some of the inevitable technical jargon.

The early chapters set the scene, including an account of the geology to be seen from five prominent hills in the county, and some basic geological concepts.

The bulk of the book is devoted to the geological evolution of the county. This begins with an account of the Precambrian, with a major focus on the geology of the Malvern Hills and concludes with a review of the impact of the Anglian and Devensian glaciations on landscape and river systems.

The book is superbly illustrated with many well-executed block diagrams and excellent photographs, including some stunning aerial views. These are an essential part of the book’s appeal.

Finally, “Voice” member, John Payne, must be congratulated for his hard work, patience and diplomatic skills in bringing together the contributions from a variety of authors and graphics experts. The Geology section of the Woolhope Club are most fortunate to have an outstanding editor in their midst.


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