The GeoFest is back for 2017

 2017 geofest poster
The GeoFest 2017 of the Abberley and Malvern Hills GeoPark will take place between Saturday 27th May and Saturday 2nd September. The programme of exciting events being offered by the GeoPark’s partners is available on the GeoPark’s website:  The festival kicked off with a fossil friendly weekend at Bewdley Museum. On Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th May, visitors to the Museum were able to make their own fossil cast and also see some of the real fossils from the Museum’s collection.  There are many more fossil themed events at the museum to follow, such as the Rock and Fossil Hunt on 2 July and a “Rocks and Fossils Challenge” running throughout the Summer holiday, on various dates. In addition, there will be a free exhibition on “Stunning landscapes from Space”, running from 22 July until 24 September. The GeoFest will feature numerous events across a variety of venues across the region of the GeoPark, inside and out. Why not take a look at the calendar of events to find out whether there is something you can visit or take part in to widen your knowledge of the GeoPark and/or to have some fun?

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